Youth Tours

We offer tours for young people from schools, summer camps, and enrichment programs.  The 1½ hour tour includes a lesson on our ecosystem, goats, and cheese-making.  We demonstrate the local fauna in our creek including salamanders and crawfish; tour the woods, pasture and barn while we talk about goats; and lastly show visitors how we milk and make cheese.  Different options for your visit include a treasure hunt in our gorgeous woods, garden tour and tasting, and/or cheese-making. 
Cost   $7/person

Private Groups

We are happy to cater a 90 minute tour to the wishes of your group.  This includes our pastures and wooded areas, cheese-making facilities, barn, garden, and creek.  We offer a taste of whichever products we have available at the time of your tour, including what we grow on the land, in addition to our artisanal cheeses we make daily.

As we walk the scenic grounds, we will explain the unique facets of our land, including wild edibles, endangered birds, and improvements we’ve made specific to our goats and our environment.  Farmer Mary’s 30+ years of agricultural experience will help enrich your knowledge in whatever areas of farming interest you the most.

Group Rate $80 (for groups up to 10 people)